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Susan is an absolute dream come true!  After only a few hours spent training Lily, our rescue, life in our house has improved immeasurably.

Beyond giving us the tools we need to enforce obedient behavior, Lily came to us with a lot of baggage. Susan helped reverse many of her bad habits and alleviated much of her nervousness. She is a bright, caring, gifted trainer who we have and will continue to recommend to everyone!

Kathleen McCaffrey

I have referred my clients and their pets for training to Susan for more years than any other trainer and have had only pleasing reports. Susan's training emphasizes socialization as well as obedience and I directly discovered the benefits of this approach. I have to say that I have been impressed - and I am hard to impress.

   L.A. Schwartz, DVM, Chief of Staff / Overland Veterinary Clinic

I contacted  Susan for  my 4-year-old  toy Fox  Terrier who was suffering from separation anxiety. I had recently moved to LA and my dog was not adapting to his surroundings at all!  Susan advised me to start using basic obedience to build my dog’s  confidence.  She also prepared a list of non-prescription, natural  calming products.  One of them was the herbal sedative Valerian.

I used Susan’s training tips for a few weeks and now my dog is less stressed and happier! Susan followed up a week later to see how he was doing.

It seems to me that she genuinely cares for her clients and their pups. When my vet recommended I put my dog on Reconcile (puppy Prozac), I checked with Susan who then checked with her vet. Her vet advised against Reconcile since the Valerian was working. If I ever need advice or more obedience training, I will definitely contact Susan.       -- Ryel T.

My husband brought home the cutest puppy I had ever seen, a German Shepherd we named Max. Max quickly grew from 25 pounds of cuteness to 70 pounds of "No!," "Stop!," and "Leave That Alone!." Whereas he used to listen to my husband and me, he was starting to enter the realm of complete disregard. That's when The Well-Heeled Dog came to our rescue.

We thought it best that Max have intensive training. Susan worked with Max three times per week and worked with my husband and me a fourth day during the same week. I could literally see a change in Max almost immediately.

Susan has given Ray and me the tools to teach Max what he needs to know. At 80 pounds and almost eight months he is a much more obedient and manageable dog.  Thank you, Susan!

Raynold and Fesia Morgan

When I was 5 months pregnant I unexpectedly acquired the sweetest Maltese mix who had occasional 'resource guarding' issues.  As an Emergency Physician I have taken care of many pediatric dog bite victims and I was concerned for my new baby's welfare as well as our future with the doggie who had just captured our hearts.  

After our sessions with Susan I felt comfortable and secure bringing my new baby home and keeping our other new addition, Freeway.  7 months later we have been problem free, and Susan is to thank for this smooth transition.  She trained us well and gave us some great tools and tricks to keep baby, parents, and dog all safe and happy.  

Jessica Sims, MD

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