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Puppy Manners

What you and your pup will learn:

  1. House training

  2. Crate training

  3. Mouthing

  4. Handling/Gentling

  5. Socialization

  6. Meals and hand feeding

  7. Intro to basic obedience training including sit, down, leave-it, loose-leash walking and foundation recall

Group Classes 

Dog school’s in session.


What you and your dog will learn:

  1. Getting your dog’s attention 

  2. Walking nicely on leash

  3. Sit, Stay, Down

  4. Come when called

  5. Leave it, Go to your bed

  6. Wait, Off

  7. Must-have manners for everyday situations: Sitting when someone approaches, staying calm when another dog passes, and working through distractions

AKC Canine Good Citizen

What you and your dog will learn:

The American Kennel Club’s Canine Good Citizen program gives your dog a great foundation for advanced obedience training and community volunteer activities like animal assisted therapy work. Our class prepares you for the CGC test. Note: To take this class, your dog must have basic obedience training. Call or email us for information.

Dogs thrive on training classes. They develop better focus, learn to play nicely with other dogs, and get crucial stimulation and exercise—and that’s in addition to learning polite manners.

Why take our classes?

For your dog:

√ Better manners

√ Improved concentration

√ Exercise, social time

For you:

√ Training skills

√ Fun, friendly class

√ Expert instruction

Important notice:  Group classes are currently on hold indefinitely. We apologize for any inconvenience. contact us for referrals to group classes.

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